Helpful Hints in the preparation of your course packet:
  • If you have copyrighted material, we need citation information for the material you are using. Typically, if you can give us the author’s name and the book/journal title, that is sufficient. If you are using material from an anthology, we usually need to know where the piece originated (this information is contained either with the article itself or in an acknowledgements page).
  • As far as the materials themselves go, you can either give us your original books/journals or make copies from them. In most cases, we would prefer to get the original books/articles as that leads to a better quality course packet for your students.
  • If you are teaching an online course or a course at one of UGA’s branch campuses, we can arrange to ship course materials directly to your students. Just let us know that this is how the packet is being handled.
  • For packets required on the first day of classes we ask that you get us your materials as early as possible. Copyrighted material generally takes longer to process (sometimes two to three weeks to get all the permissions worked out) than non-copyrighted material. Ideally we like to get material 4 weeks in advance of the start of classes (though we’ll take your materials earlier than that if you have them ready). While we always do our best to get your materials ready as quickly as possible, placing your order with us early helps us to make sure that your packet is ready when you need it.
  • Pickup and delivery of your materials is free and easy to arrange. Just send us an email ( or give us a call.